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Best 4 Tips To Move Traffic On Your Website Or Blog

Best 4 Tips To Move Traffic On Your Website Or Blog

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Best 4 Tips To Move Traffic On Your Website Or Blog

You have to look at your website or blog what are the basic mistakes if you have to need that your slog or website earn on monthly bases then you have to make shore to well maintain your website or blog traffic and you always worry for you site traffic on monthly basis which you in reply money there are many ways to receive traffic on your website or blog

Selection of Keyword:

   Best placement of keyword for your site or blog now days there are millions of website and blog and some are the most popular they always publish latest new contain and they cannot give you chance to take their position actually competition is between the right selection of key words if you place right keyword then they fire and you still on their position.
Once you have understand the selection of keyword and right material for your website or blog then search engine permute your site and you will receive a lot of traffic

Search Engine Optimization   (SEO)

Google is the most popular search engine you have to optimize your website or blog by search engine friendly which I have already mention above, visibility for search engine keep maintaining you site in regular basis and make your contain user  friendly related to your selected keywords.

Article writing:

You can receive heave traffic from search engine by writing high quality article related to your topic and don’t forget keyword in your articles spend time for writing high quality article and get money by optimize your article contain in search engine.

Advertising Campaigns:

If you want more traffic then you can use Google adword pay per Click (PPC) Campaign and also bus traffic from facebook without having hard work and tension this is the very easy way to maintain your traffic and also page rank in search engine. 

If you have any Question related to this post, then leave your comment below the post  with the problem you get, so I can help you.

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