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How To Remove Blogger Navbar

How To Remove Blogger Navbar

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How To Remove Blogger Navbar

A Quick view about Navbar and advantage of Navbar the we go on how to remove or hide, Navbar is appear automatically on every new blog on the top of header most of people who use others templates they were like to remove or hide blogger Navbar  there are following nine option in a blogger Navbar
1.    When you click on B you go on
2.    Blog search
3.    Google+ Batten
4.    More
5.    Next Blog As Guest
6.    Your Email
7.    New Post
8.    Design
9.    Login Or Logout 

Now How To Remove Blogger Navbar

Login to your blogger Account

Select your Blog

Click on Blogger Layout And then look Navbar on top of header  click on Edit

Popup Window will be appear click on OFF and then Save Batten 
Job Done
This is the easy way to remove Blogger Navbar

I hope may this short and easy way  To Remove Blogger Navbar help you to and if you are facing any problam leave your comments and opinions below the post

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  1. This post is good enough to make somebody understand this amazing tip, and I’m sure everyone will appreciate this interesting tip.



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