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How To Install A Template On Your Blogger

How To Install A Template On Your Blogger

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Blogger has there on 34 default templates like Seven Simple, Seven Dynamic Views, Three Picture Window, Six Awesome Inc. Four Watermark, Three Ethereal, and Four Travel, but if these are not your ideal templates then first you have to select best one for your blogger blog but remember blogger accept the only XML file template only, today we will show you that how to upload or install a custom template on your blogger blog.

Sign in to your Blogger Account 

Select your Blog

Then click on Template section and then click on Backup/Restore

Before Uploading if you want to download your previous template by click on Download full template Button.
Click on Browse Button Select Your XML file and then Click on upload Button  
Job Don

I hope may this short and easy way  To Install A Template On Your Blogger help you to and if you are facing any problam leave your comments and opinions below the post

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