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What is SEO and SEM

What is SEO and SEM

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If start your new blog or website and also update your site time to time, your page rank is good in Google search but there is a problem you are not receiving much traffic on your expatiation at this situation you can do more things to make attractive and people take attention on your site there are two patron one is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other is Called SEM (Search Engine Marketing) what is the difference between both of them?
·        SEO
There is so many Search Engine Optimization tip and tricks available in internet some of them I share with you,
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Actually you gain more attraction when your blog/website Ethan provide best quality contain and also depend on your blog/website audience experience , one more thing make your goals long term or short term just because of you star very well but having a new site but still updating
(SEO) Strategically receive Google search engine attention by focus on your blog/website that what search engine likes,
·    SEM
Search Engine Marketing provide you company for your blog/website, you may also say that in easy word promoting your blog/website by easy advertisement program which charge for you on the bases of pay par click at this way you can see best result of traffic on your blog/website and you may receive result within 24 to 72 hours,
SEO and SEM use these both tools together just because make powerful to your Blog/website you can get your goals easily by receiving traffic,
Beware keep in mind now a day’s so many advertisers available here but I very highly recommend Adwords just because if you are finding the targeted traffic then Adwords is the best for all of them.

I hope you may understand about SEO and SEM please share your experience opinion and sedation with us your comments is very important for us  

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