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Earn Money with Neobux Earn $400 Per Month

Earn Money with Neobux Earn $400 Per Month

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Earn Money with Neobux Earn $400 Per Month

There are so many scams in the world of Internet that even if we tell someone a real website, it's hard for them to believe it. It's good for user's own. There's no intelligence in taking a blind leap of faith. The website that we're about to tell you, these are the following stats of that website.
1. This website is working for more than 5 years now.
2. The website has given away around 49 million US Dollars
3. Its traffic rank is 127 in Pakistan.
4. According to Alexa, it's equally competent to Google in advertising.
5. Its ranked 618 on Alexa according to traffic.
6. Its ranked 5/10 on Google Page Rank.
For the first time in Pakistan, you can earn around $200 per month via Neobox without any investment. You just have to follow few tips. You can sign up on Neobox for 100% free and then you have to watch the ads (4-30 ads). 4 permanent ads that you must have to watch. The rest you will have to find yourself and are optional. If you don't click on your 4 compulsory ads one day, you will not receive Referrals money the next day. So don't miss out. As much Ads you click in one day, the more you will earn. For one ad, you'll receive $0.001 that seems so low as with 30 ads per day, you'll earn $0.03
Two ways to increase income:
1. Find and click more ads
2. Make more referrals
First thing is on your own but for second thing, you'll need to be dependent on others.
Referrals are users like you and me on Neobox. There are two kinds of Referrals,
1. Direct Referrals
2. Rental Referrals
Direct Referrals are those whom you invite on Neobox. When you invite your friend on Neobox and when they join, they appear in your referrals list and you earn half profit from the ads they watch.
Rental Referrals are pretty much definable by its own name. You're rent referrals for 30 days by paying them. One rental referral costs $0.20 for 30 days. You can rent again after 30 days too. If your rental referral is inactive, you can change your rental referral for $0.07 you need at least $2 for rental referrals. So you should first earn $2. So click as much as ads possible and share your refer link with friends and ask them to join so that your income increases. Once you have earned $2, you only need to rent 10 referrals. You also need to monitor the rented referrals daily and if a referral is inactive for more than 4 days, you should change by recycling the referral for $0.07. This will add a new referral instead of an old one. When your referral is about to complete 30 days, you buy them for 150 days as that'll give you 20% discount. The same way you need to manage all your referrals and you need to rent at least 250 referrals. When you have 250 referrals, your income will be over $200. Then your next step is to get golden membership and as your income will be doubled around $400.
You can get payment in 3 ways from AlterPay in Pakistan:
1. via Cheque 2. Via Bank Wire 3. Via Credit Card
The amount will be transferred to your bank account in 2-4 days and then you can cash your payment from ATM.
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