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Facebook Four Hidden Features

Facebook Four Hidden Features

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Facebook Four Hidden Features

More than a billion people use Facebook but this is not necessary that all of them familiar with all its features, one reason is that facebook changes his site regularly,

Now Here I am telling you the four Facebook tricks which can further improve your experience on Facebook ,

Close seen feature,
Do you want to ignore any one? Then this trick is important for you- This way you can turn off this feature which suggests that it may see the message but also to know what time it is viewed.

While this is not possible on Facebook, However Google Chrome users can do this with the help of Facebook Seen App, further that if you are not using chrome browser or using Firefox or internet explorer then you can use Cross Raider chat in undetected app but remember this app also work on chrome,

However remember that using of such type app with your facebook you violate the Terms of Service Estate,

Back up your valuable Facebook data.
You can download your facebook data such as photos, videos, messages and other facebook data and also you can see your messages and also your data backup 

Remove “Last Act” from Facebook Messenger

Due to this Facebook feature your facebook friend know that when did you last chat, get rid of this problem deleted your facebook messenger and open it on your mobile phone browser or use your desktop,

Check your hidden messages
Which messages sent by your friend they came in to your inbox However, those who are not your friends. These people messages are in a separate category and also you cannot receive their any notification, most of people understand that this folder is for those people who disturbing by messages if you want to see these messages then please Click Here and then click others button many be you can receive any important messages ,

If you have use this features on facebook then please share your experience firs with us and also opinion please write down comment box 

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