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Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

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Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings

Every user who signs up at Google Adsense wishes to increase income and become rich overnight but in reality, Google Adsense requires patience. When your website is new, not many people know about it. In these times, you need to advertise your website over internet to increase the traffic. To increase your income, register your website in different directories. In addition you may find following tips useful:

Increase the traffic on website. It's the most efficient and legal way to increase income via Google Adsense. The more is traffic on your website, the more clicks you'll get and page impressions will increase too. Click "Increase traffic" to increase traffic.

Adjust ad colors according to your website as if your website background is white, make ad background white too. If your links are of red color, make ad title red color too. Click "Get Ads" to get ad codes.

According to Google, 90x728, 250x250, and 280x300 gives out most CTR, in other words are more attractive to users and more users click on them. 90x270 is most efficient for picture ads. Click "Ad Formats" to view ad formats.

Use top keywords on your website as this way ads of big companies will appear on your website and you will get paid more. Click "top keywords" to view top keywords. Here, you'll also find how to use them. Note: Remember using just keywords is not good enough. You also need material related to that on your website. Else, you'll be banned.

The topic of your website should be of that more European users will visit as clicks from international users give you more money. For this, register on international forums and add the link to your website in your signature when you post. This way, you can get European users on your website too.

Place your ads in such a way that when a user enters your website, it's visible right in front, not after scrolling down. My website is an example of this how ads are on top and the first thing you see when you enter the website and the user ends up clicking on the ad anyway.

Add Google Search option on your website too. This way, if user doesn't understand anything and searches, your income will increase.
Add as much ads you can to your website. (You can add 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search Box on one page)

Another big key to increase income on Google Adsense is to keep updating your website regularly because if a user visits your website once, the user will only keep visiting if there are changes regularly. So, keep adding new material on your website to get users' attention.

Organized your material in a simple and easy way for user to access. Some websites are so complicatedly designed that user’s feel lost when they enter the website. Use simple interface so that more users can find it useful and you can get more clicks.

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