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Instructions for webmaster tools

Instructions for webmaster tools

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Instructions for webmaster tools

I have been working on Adsense for so long that I am very familiar with the behavior of Adsense that who can get rich by Google and who'll be forced to waste time on Adsense by Google.
To earn more, you have to understand the the strategy of Google that how they want your website to be and what kind of users they ask and what you have to do to come in international rankings.

1. While creating and updating website, you have to keep in mind that you are creating website for services not just for earning. If you are just creating website for earning, you will be checking your earnings on Adsense the whole time and your website will not be updated well. You have to get more users who happily visit your website and click ads.

2. While creating or updating website, use these 3 Meta tags: Keyphrase, Description, and Keywords because this will help your website to appear in search engine. The more related keywords are there, the higher your ranking on search engine will be and earnings will increase too. It has been noticed that people use highest paid keywords like insurance, mesothelioma, forex etc. but the content of their website is different. There's no profit by doing this, instead your ranking in search engine will decrease too. Use the keywords related to your website.

3. Creating a website isn't enough. Advertising is very important too. Other people do need to know about your website too. This increases the impression and traffic on your website. There are many different ways of advertising your website. For example: Search Engine Optimization, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Forums Signatures and Link Exchange.

4. Users are the most important key for the success of website but most people forget about the interest of users. You have to maintain your website in such a way that users must keep visiting. If the content of your website is boring, the users will lose interest and may never visit again.

5. The content of website is what brings life to the website. The sooner you keep updating the content on your website, the more your website will be promoted. Most web masters fall asleep after creating website and never update. Such websites are not appreciated by users. Users appreciate the websites which are updated often. If not daily, do update your website on weekly basis at least.

6. Do not ask any of your friends or visitors to click ads. No matter how smart you are, you will be caught by Google as they have so many ways to catch a fraud.

7. Register your website on fast hosts so that your Upstream is 99.99%. This way, your website will open quickly, users will not have to wait and users will visit again too. Google often check your website and if your website is slow, it leaves negative impact and the result can be the blockade of your Adsense account.

8. Every webmaster should worry about their traffic and from where the traffic is coming from.Google Adsense Earning Formula:

Search Engine Traffic + Direct Traffic + Quality Backlinks + Excellent Content

Try to get more European users as a click by a European user gives 85% more earning than normal user

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