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Oranges Are Good For Eye Sight

Oranges Are Good For Eye Sight

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Oranges Are Good For Eye Sight

According to experts, the regular use of orange plays a vital for eye sight betterment.

According to experts, food enriched in Vitamin C and E is very beneficial for eyesight and digestive system.

Oranges are enriched in Vitamin E which is essential for eye tissues, regular use of oranges prevent eye diseases. If you want to keep your eyesight sharp, eat at least one orange a day.

Orange is enriched with Vitamin C which is good for skin too. It freshens the face. Oranges also help in cleaning blood and against viral infections. It keeps skin healthy and also beneficial for preventing heart, kidneys and lungs cancer.

Regular use of Oranges strengthens immune system which prevents many diseases.

As the age increase, the skin becomes dull. Antioxidants and Vitamin C in Oranges are very beneficial for health of skin. Regular use of Oranges can slows down aging process of skin and you will look younger.     

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