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Uploading videos on Youtube and Earn Money

Uploading videos on Youtube and Earn Money

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Uploading videos on Youtube and Earn Money

YouTube: Now you'll earn money on uploading videos
People who upload their personal videos on YouTube will soon be getting shares from YouTube advertisement. YouTube creator Chad Hurley revealed on the International Economic Forum that he and his partners are working on a new way of distribution of advertising income. This offer will only be limited for the people who own the copyrights of the videos uploaded. According to Chad Hurley, this will be introduced soon and the ads will be shown at the beginning of the video though the time length of ads has not been decided. Ideas of 3 seconds ads are also underway. He also revealed that "Audio Fingerprint" technology on YouTube is being improved too. He said that YouTube haven't introduced this so far they were working more on the improvement of sharing videos. Remember that there are few other video sites too who share advertising income with users too. YouTube is used by over 70 million users and it was purchased by Google in $1.6 Billion. After being purchased by Google, YouTube has built relations with several media groups.

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