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Earn Money With Blogging

Earn Money With Blogging

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Earn Money With Blogging

Bloggers not only improve their skills to add in their resume but at the same time they earn from their blogs too. Some works as a part timer and some as full timer. The best way to earn from blogging is advertisement. The best service out there is Google Adsense. Google receive advertisements from many companies around the world and then sell them to different websites. When someone clicks on those websites, the blogger earns money for per click ad. There are other companies too who work the same as Google for advertising. Many bloggers sell soft copies of their books on their blogs too but you have to keep one thing in mind that you can't just start blogging and expect earnings right away. A lot of hard work is required. You need to publicize your blog first by writing interesting and good articles. When you get traffic on your blog, that is when you can get ads and other ways to earn are possible for you. It's simple that if no one visits the blog then who will give you ads?
Numbers of bloggers around the world are earning a lot of money from blogs. At this time, the most earning blog around the world is the news blog The HuffingtonPost which earns over $2.3 million monthly. After that, a technology blog Mashable which is earning over half a million dollars and another technology blog Techcrunch is earning around half million dollars too.
Between all of this, there are several Pakistani English bloggers too that are earning a lot one of them is syed Balkhi and his blog is wpbeginner.com which earn over 10 lack, second is taimur asad his blog is redmondpie.com whic make more then 01 lack and third one is abdul wali his blog name is Onlineustaad.com which earn more then $25000 in a month but Urdu bloggers aren't that famous. It doesn't mean that Urdu bloggers aren't good enough but the reason can also be that Google Adsense hasn't yet started giving advertisements. But Some of Pakistan who writes post in Urdu with love for the language and skills.

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