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Make Money With Gigs Complete Guide

Make Money With Gigs Complete Guide

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Make Money With

Fiverr is going viral in the Internet World because it enables everyone whether children or young people or house wives or those who work outside to earn full time or part time money. This website enables you to work for anyone or get any kind of work done just for $5. But why waste your time just for $5? Here’s the answer. This is the website through which people are earning thousands of dollars monthly. All you need is a little guidance and great ideas. This idea can be anything. YES Anything. People are even earning in Pakistan by displaying English banners in front of drummers. Don’t believe it? Log in to right now and you can see so many crazy ideas there. Make sure you only offer work that can be done within 5-10 minutes, so you can do maximum work each day and earn maximum.

How to make account on

You can create free accounts on but only 3 accounts from one Internet connection. (You’ll have to use multiple browsers for that) If you want more than 3 accounts you can install VPN. You can only offer maximum 20 offers from one account which means you might need more than 3 accounts later, for earning maximum. Possibly, you won’t get orders in the beginning but don’t get discouraged. You should make multiple accounts and update each account on the basis of a particular skill. (For Example, Keep one account for graphics and make sure all the offers you present are related to graphics. When you finish your first 10 orders within 30 days, you get upgraded to Fiverr Level-1, which ensures your further success. Then you proceed to Level-2 and Level-3. Level-1 ensures that you’ll get maximum orders and you can also offer services worth more than $5, once you get to Level-1.

What work can be done on Fiverr

You can do anything on Fiverr for $5 or get your work done. For example you can make logos online and sell those on fiverr for $5. You can also write 300-500 words articles for people, You can perform Data entry jobs, promote people’s business, make maps, sing for people, make Auto Cad plans, or any other job that you can easily finish in about ten minutes, put it up on your fiverr. Women can make Video-Introduction videos for companies which is an easy task. Take a good camera and send a 30-second video to your customers.

How to get your money from Fiverr

When you earn $5 on Fiverr, $4 is sent to your account balance and $1 is sent to Fiverr’s commission. You can either get your $4 or wait until the end of the month to get all your earned money together. You can cash your money by two ways in Pakistan. 1. Paypal It’s not available in Pakistan but there are some ways through which you can get this service within Pakistan 2. Payoneer You can cash your dollars through Payoneer Mastercards which is available in Pakistan for FREE. Join

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