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Important Steps After Making Blog 2017

Important Steps After Making Blog 2017

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Important Steps After Making Blog 2017

I have seen many people complaining that they have been maintaining a blog and writing regularly but they fail to gather audience to read their blog. Whenever I find someone saying anything of that sort, my answer is same for all: “It’s nobody’s mistake but yours, sir! Here you get nothing without asking. Even a mother doesn’t feed her child unless he cries of hunger”. Today’s period is how the wise put it: Make things with one hand and beat drums about it with other. The situation today expects us that even if we are walking with someone, we should constantly remind them that we are walking with them! Otherwise, the world is so busy that people do not even notice the person walking beside them. If you have understood my message-very well! If not, put simply, fill your social media pages with links to your writing. Request your loved ones to read your blogs. Tag them. Share about your blogs with everyone you talk to in one way or other. If your writing skills are really good, you should get many readers after that. If you can’t spread word about your blogs and think that thirsty person should come to the well then don’t complain! Keep your pot ready and wait for someone to get thirsty. If you think you are a diamond and you should be transported in royal cart, wait more! Wait for some jeweler to realize your worth someday and take you to your real destination. May that be years after you rest in your grave. The whole idea is that along with writing, you should market your blogs as well. Remember! Both situations require good and uniquely written blogs or otherwise catering readers is next to impossible.
It is very important to behave properly while marketing a blog. Follow the rules and regulations of pages and forums where you are sharing links. Don’t spam as excess of everything is bad. Post a limited number of links on a particular page to avoid annoyance. If same link is posted again and again, people stop paying attention. Also, add a little description of your blog along with link wherever possible. Make the description interesting so that the reader automatically clicks on the link to your blog!
If your blog is new, it is very important to talk about it with people and spread the word. Otherwise, how do you expect people to know about your blog? That is why do the proper marketing and make others realize and appreciate the efforts you are putting in your writing.
Many new bloggers spend more time on templates and themes of blog instead of blog itself. Remember “beauty doesn’t need gems”. Theme is gem of blog while writing is the beauty. When the words are striking, the blog doesn’t need a theme to be beautiful. Put any appropriate and simple theme to give your blog a formal look and spend more time on your writing. You’ll automatically find new and beautiful themes as you progress.
Avoid plagiarism and be creative. Don’t copy stuff from here and there. You can definitely quote from other articles sometimes but do not quote too much. Use proper referencing while quoting to avoid people doubting your writing’s authenticity. Conspiracy theories are very famous these days. If you become renowned using someone else’s content, it will take lesser time for the owner to reach you and file complaint against you. You might get away from the charges once but you won’t be able to maintain image as a good writer again. Come up with unique writing abstracts, own them and use them as ladder to reach heights.
Many new comers complain that old bloggers do not carry out discussions on their blogs. I won’t talk about any other blogger but me. Firstly, Urdu Blogistan is increasing rapidly. It has become humanly impossible for one blogger to read and comment on every single blog. Secondly, I would recommend that don’t bother about old bloggers and create your own new world. You are a free blogger and you don’t need anyone’s support. Don’t get disheartened by the fact that no one comments on your blogs. Instead, provide such amazing content that people are compelled to read. In fact, number of views matter more than number of comments while judging the standard of blogs. Nobody becomes a good and famous blogger over night; it takes a long time to make and maintain the reputation of a good blogger. For some this period of struggling is longer than others. This is pretty natural so don’t be discouraged and keep trying.
The summary is that make blogs. Don’t spend too much time on themes and templates. Focus on quality and uniqueness of content. Don’t plagiarize. Keep marketing your blog on social media and other forums. Keep connected with your family along with blogging website and constantly share your writing pieces with them. Keep in mind that it takes a while to cater the attention of reader and increase your blog traffic so don’t be upset and keep struggling to become a successful blogger.

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