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Fried Roti Recipes

Fried Roti Recipes

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Fried Roti Recipes

     1.     Wheat flour ----------400gm
     2.      Egg-----------02piece
     3.     Baking powder---------1tsp
     4.     Sugar--------02tbsp
5.     Salt---------- as per required
6.     Milk----------100ml
7.     Oil----------for fry


First of all knead wheat flour, egg, baking powder, sugar, salt and milk to gather in a single container.

Step two let the dough rest for some time.

Step three roll the dough in the circle and make two cuts in the middle.

Step four heat oil in a frying pan after oil heated fry the roti until it become brown.

Step five fried roti can be served with vegetable curry, honey or jam
Enjoy the fried roti.

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