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How to Earn Money From YouTube Complete Guide For Beginners 2017

How to Earn Money From YouTube Complete Guide For Beginners 2017

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Good news for all Pakistani YouTubers, youtube has added Pakistan in the list of youtube partner program, now it’s not hard to earn money in Pakistan from youtube but question the is where from we collect videos if you are a creative person then you can earn much from youtube also youtube is good opportunity for teachers, video bloggers, sports persons, etc.

Basics youtube introduction:

youtube is world most popular video sharing website now days, anyone can upload videos on you tube without any restriction or anyone can see these videos if these videos are public, do you know when did youtube startup,  youtube service started by three former PayPal employs on February 2005 after that Google has buy this November 2006 in US$ 1.65 billion now the question is who can afford the whole expanses of YouTube, they maintain YouTube from ads revenue income,

How to start with YouTube channel as partner program:

Finally if you decided to start earning from YouTube videos, first you need few videos originally created by you, age must be 18 years and most important Gmail account and start uploading videos on your channel, you can upload unlimited videos on YouTube but please make shore you contend must b original and interesting and hot trained before enable monetization you must follow or check these thing that you content must b original no copy right, no adult content, no any terrorism or crime type content can b upload for monetization,
How much you can earn from YouTube, and the answer is it’s totally depend on geographical location of your viewers, for example if your traffic come from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, these are low CPM Country and you can earn $0.80-2.50 per 1000 views but if you video traffic come from USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe, then you earn $4-15 per 1000 views because they are High CPM Counters.

How to promote you channel videos:

You have create channel or upload nice and attractive videos place nice title and description attractive thumbnail nice placement of tags but fail to get nice amount of traffic now it’s time to promote your videos on social media like facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, you can also post you video link in different facebook Groups for boost you video traffic, youtube earning method is very simple more traffic more earning.

I hope these videos tutorials help you very much to start earning from youtube.

So if you have any question related to YouTube then ask question in comment we will be happy to answer your question related to youtube



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